CORD.Finance burned 900 more VACC today (1000 burned so far): join the 50k VACC club while you still can!

As discussed at length on the CORD.Finance website, our deflationary pairing token VACC also benefits (like CORD) from a low total supply (LESS THAN 1.9m), has a decreasing release schedule over four years, cannot be minted, and it can (and has been) burned. Today we burned 900 more VACC, to total 1000 VACC burned so far. This is proportional to the 10 CORD we have burned so far, so the total supplies of VACC:CORD are now back to 100:1, or 1899000:18990 (and falling).

This is also a good time to remind you why VACC is so valuable, and why it is smart to hodl that VACC earned farming in our pools/vaults, and/or pick some up on PancakeSwap. There are many usecases, including combining into CORD-VACC-LP for staking, and future governance, but the usecase we want to highlight today is the global VACC hodler’s multiplier. This multiplier produces extra rewards in all pools (including partner pools!) just for holding VACC in one’s personal wallet — no spending required. Every 1000 VACC you hold earns an extra 1%. This usecase puts VACC in very high demand, because mathematically only 37 people on Earth could ever achieve the max VACC hodler’s bonus awarded at a level of 50k VACC. In truth it is much lower, because many VACC (over 200k as of today) are locked up in the CORD-VACC liquidity pool on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Effectively, holding VACC in one’s wallet is like a turbo-charger for all pools/vaults including partner pools. Check out the screenshot below, in which this investor has 50k VACC in his personal wallet, and is therefore enjoying the maximum reward multiplier of 150% in all vaults.

Token pairs may differ from those in screenshot

When CORD.Finance onboards new partners (which will happen within a couple days as a matter of fact when valued partner Coval rejoins the team in our vaults here on BSC), this means one could earn not only more VACC, but also more Coval. Many more partnerships are expected to happen, and hodling that VACC means you earn more rewards in ALL the pools/vaults hosted by CORD.Finance.

Contract for CORD on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract for VACC on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

To buy or trade CORD-BNB on PancakeSwap V2, enter the BSC contract address of CORD in one of the PancakeSwap V2 exchange token fields, and select BNB in the other field.

To buy or trade CORD-Sushi on SushiSwap, enter the BSC contract address of CORD in one of the SushiSwap exchange token fields, and select Sushi in the other field.

To buy or trade CORD-VACC on PancakeSwap V2 or SushiSwap, enter the BSC contract addresses of CORD and VACC in the PancakeSwap V2 or SushiSwap exchange token fields.

Bottom line my friends? Hodl that VACC!

- The CORD.Finance Team

CORD.Finance is a decentralized finance project that uses a unique combination of smart contract technology plus real world networking to provide income streams