Never rains but it POURS: A Stronger VACC; Liquidity locking Pools (aka “Vaults”); Partner Pools; CoinGecko AND CoinMarketCap listings for CORD; How to transition to the new VACC!

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We wish to inform you of some very big news in this brief but exciting article!

A Stronger VACC

First, note that due to some very Unique and Exciting multiplier and other tokenomics mechanics added to VACC as well as our new vault code! we have had to redeploy the VACC token with some significantly more advanced features. These features include, in brief, functions to facilitate a “VACC hodler’s multiplier” which rewards hodling VACC in your own wallet without the need to spend it, and also enable an optional (tiny) tax on VACC txs (currently turned off) directed to charity wallets of community’s choosing during future publicity drives. Both features will over time strengthen VACC’s value! And let us not forget buyback & burn tokenomics from outset — those are of course still in effect. Future? Governance over charitable destinations for further publicity. Upshot of all this will be a stronger VACC; we continue to support that mandate.
The new contract address is 0xb84E55c7e55F71b446b30FE40E79FF76f108edCd
The old contract address was 0x32B47EE3316ed47B3266347E18E24645715B8f79

Liquidity locking Pools (aka “Vaults”)

Our brand new Pools posted tonight now offer
- liquidity locking functionality for those who wish to lock their stakes and get higher APY
- global VACC multipliers not only for our native CORD token pools, but also all partner pools we host will have this enabled by default. This means hodling your new VACC will earn you more rewards in ALL our pools and partner pools we host!
- And of course our staking reward tiers remain the same — stake more, earn higher APY

Partner Pools!

For even greater networking and leveraging of the greater DeFi community at large into our fold, we now are offering to host partner pools with appropriately selected partners! Our first partner joining us in our brand new 3-week vaults is Coval (Circuits of Value). The four pools on our active pools page include not only CORD and CORD LP tokens, but also COVAL-ETH-LP. Future pools will also include native tokens of partner projects not just LP tokens. We expect that the additional exposure our Partner projects will bring us will also bring in new investors who will recognize the phenomenal CORD project we continue to grow!

Finally, CoinGecko AND CoinMarketCap listings for CORD!

Last not least, CoinGecko AND CoinMarketCap listings within a day of this writing, couldn’t ask for better timing!!

How to transition to the new VACC

To make the transition as seamless as possible, please take the following simple steps:
i) Go to and exit pools to collect any outstanding rewards in OLDVACC and any CORD-OLDVACC-LP tokens you may have staked, note your balances of these on the top nav bar.
ii) Uniswap select Pools, manage CORD-OLDVACC liquidity pool, and Remove liquidity, to regain CORD and OLDVACC separate tokens. If you do not see this pool, click “import” and provide contract addresses for CORD and OLDVACC. Once CORD-OLDVACC-LP has been unwound, revisit retired pools linked above and check CORD-OLDVACC-LP balance in the nav bar now 0, and a larger balance of CORD and OLDVACC.
iii) Easy conversion tool at and with a single transaction “Max deposit” convert all OLDVACC to VACC.
iv) Uniswap select Pools and add CORD-VACC-LP using the new VACC contract address, if you wish to stake in the highest yielding pools.
v) Visit and stake in our brand new active pools with liquidity locking and unique multi-tiered multiplier functionality, including VACC hodler global multipliers!

While we understand this poses some inconvenience, we hope we made the process seamless, and we point out the new functionality we added to VACC and the new pools will be Well Worth this minor inconvenience many times over! with added usecase and value enabled, only some of which was outlined above, so stay tuned as always!

P.s. All OLDVACC will be BURNED upon completion of the migration.

All the best fellow CORDians!

- The CORD Team

CORD.Finance is a decentralized finance project that uses a unique combination of smart contract technology plus real world networking to provide income streams