Token pairs may differ from those in screenshot

Many of you been waiting eagerly for the launch of our new staking Pools from the testnet on to the mainnet. We expect this to happen within a few days give or take, we are working very hard behind the scenes. I apologize for the delay folks but all this testing and work, it is being done for you guys so we can deliver the perfect product for the perfect community! We here at CORD are inspired by the Japanese system called “Kaizen” which means continuous improvement and that is the mindset we have when we work on the pools and various other staking products in the works, fixing every little problem along the road before we launch.

Lets speak tokenomics…

As mentioned in the previous medium article, the total supply of our new reward token VACC will be LESS than (see below) 1.9 million tokens, initially printed all at once, and once only. There will be no mint keys so supply stays limited and people have incentive to hold their VACC. 12.6% only of the VACC supply will be allocated one time as DEV funds, and the remaining VACC will be locked in a multisig wallet on inception. Our ratio which we believe is the ideal ratio between CORD:VACC is 1:100, so every CORD represents 100 VACC only. This ratio will give us an upper hand over various other staking platforms which have far larger ratios like 1:500 or 1:1000, for which maintaining value in the pairing token is harder.

What happens to the remaining supply?

We will be releasing more VACC from the multisig wallet into circulating supply on a weekly (or 4-weekly) basis, and each time we release, the amount released will decrease according to a predictable function. This is to keep the inflation level of VACC lower and lower over time, just like it is with Bitcoin, except our inflation rate will drop weekly. It will take roughly 4 years or 200 weeks to have all the VACC circulating in the supply. Eventual max total supply of VACC considering the random burn mechanism (described below) will fall between 1.672 million and 1.9 million.

What happens if the ratio gets too weak e.g., CORD:VACC 1:200?

If the value of VACC slips too low relative to CORD we will be burning a random number of VACC somewhere between 0 to 15% of the weekly release amount, resulting in a permanently reduced total supply, and causing VACC to become more and more scarce. See above charts for an illustration of this mechanic at play.

What happens if the ratio gets too strong e.g., CORD:VACC 1:50?

If the value of VACC rises too high relative to CORD we will be buying back CORD from the open market using a random number of VACC somewhere between 0 to 15% of the weekly release amount, which will temporarily result in a greater circulating supply of VACC. Therefore we maintain the 1:100 ratio of CORD:VACC.

Why are we so determined to keep the CORD:VACC ratio at 1:100?

Well it’s simple, it is because we do not want investors who are staking on our platform to suffer from impermanent loss. Keeping the CORD:VACC ratio PEGGED to 1:100 will allow investors in the CORD/VACC LP liquidity pairing to avoid impermanent loss. You have seen in various other projects which have not focused on stabilizing these ratios that liquidity providers can lose a substantial amount due to impermanent loss. Not with CORD/VACC.

We are in for the long run that is why our:

  • Highest yield pool will be CORD/VACC LP -> VACC
  • Our buyback and burn mechanism will enable and protect VACC and CORD/VACC LP investors for the long run
  • Neither CORD nor VACC have a “mint function”
  • Liquidity of CORD is locked which can be verified on UniCrypt

What gives VACC value?

As we discussed earlier CORD itself will be giving VACC value with an impressive ratio of 1:100. To sustain this ratio, we will be using the active buy back and burn mechanism discussed earlier. However, we will also be giving the VACC token even greater utility than just a reward token; in the future, there will be a tiered VACC hodler’s bonus (extra reward multipliers just for hodling, without the need to “spend” your deflationary VACC) for all our DeFi pools including partner pools, and further out other usecases may emerge such as governance token over charitable donations, and more.

What gives CORD value?

CORD is an autonomous community driven organization that is currently working on providing investors the opportunity to earn dividends via staking on our very own DeFi platform (to launch on mainnet within a few days). We also aim to (and have a proven track record of) create partnerships with as many platforms as we can, which will result in ever greater utility for the CORD token. We envision that going forward, the holders of CORD can stake the token through various different platforms, beyond our own DeFi Pools about to launch. For example, we currently have a great understanding with Coval (Circuits of Value), and we will be creating more partner pools with them in the future as well as many more.

On top of all that, we have a very unique idea to help the rugged tokens or basically unfortunate projects that have died out; more details on that in the coming mediums, stay tuned!

Future announcements dropping soon, be patient folks we are working very hard to put things together. We expect our new DeFi platform to launch on mainnet within a few days and are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make that happen. But if you do not trust the project it’s simple, don’t buy it. If you are a skeptical investor don’t buy in at this early stage, buy it later!

CORD.Finance is a decentralized finance project that uses a unique combination of smart contract technology plus real world networking to provide income streams