The Great Migration — New CORD token GAS FREE DeFi and Advanced Tech for CORD.Finance

  • GAS FREE DeFi platform once we complete the move, but plenty more advantages beyond no fees, see below
  • New CORD is a modern token with modern features for cutting edge DeFi, supporting exciting new partnerships and very big ideas.
  • No mint function as before (current total supply = theoretical max supply)
  • Burn function and a willingness to use it! (We have burned 10 CORD thus far, reducing total supply to 18,990 on Day 1)
  • Optional taxation (a very small tax on transfers) will supply the dev wallet with gas to deploy contracts. And if it builds up high enough, it can also be used for CORD/VACC buybacks thus boosting the price.
  • Global CORD hodler’s multiplier! Sound familiar? It should: this is similar to the popular global VACC hodler’s multiplier; the new CORD supports a similar feature, which can create additional value for CORD as needed to support the tokenomics of the project.
  • High 15,000 VACC per week rewards
  • 50% staking multiplier on any amount staked (SPECIAL for Migration Vault)
  • 50% locking multiplier on all deposits any time before close (SPECIAL for Migration Vault)
  • NO TAX on reward token withdrawal (SPECIAL for Migration Vault)
  • Global VACC hodler’s multiplier in effect as with all our pools/vaults; just keep your VACC in your personal wallet and earn higher APY — no spending required
  • Note that for technical reasons, all stakes will be locked until vault completion
  • Go to and visit all three retired pools/vaults pages. Unstake your OLDCORD, OLDCORD-VACC-LP or OLDCORD-ETH-LP in all retired pools/vaults.
  • Go to UniSwap, select the Pools tab, and unwind your OLDCORD-VACC-LP and OLDCORD-ETH-LP into the native CORD and VACC and ETH. (If you can’t see the liquidity pools to manage, select import and enter the old contract address for OLDCORD along with either VACC or ETH.)
  • Hang onto your VACC after you unwind. The project is no longer providing CORD/VACC liquidity until after migration is complete. However, there no need to trade it for OLDCORD anyway; VACC is/will be highly valuable, and will benefit you even while migrating by boosting your APY.
  • Go to and stake your OLDCORD in the Migration Vault.
  • To claim your new CORD in exchange for OLDCORD, make sure you stake in the Migration Vault before the deposit window closes (28 days after vault launches); there is a countdown on the vault.
  • Your new CORD will be claimable one week later, and by then we will have completed the updated UI and announced the details of how to easily move your new CORD and VACC tokens onto the new network, so you may enjoy our new GAS FREE DeFi platform



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CORD.Finance is a decentralized finance project that uses a unique combination of smart contract technology plus real world networking to provide income streams