VACC gets a new usecase — exclusive staking rights for partner rewards! CORD-BNB-LP & CORD-VACC-LP move to PancakeSwap V2

As many are aware, PancakeSwap updated their liquidity pool smart contracts, and asked projects to move liquidity to their V2 pools. This has necessitated a number of actions at CORD.Finance.

First, we have migrated our CORD-VACC liquidity to the V2 contracts. If you hold CORD-VACC-LP on the V1 contracts please remove that liquidity and re-add it to the V2 CORD-VACC-LP. You can no longer stake the old LP tokens.

We could not do that right away with CORD-BNB-LP however, since we have locked that liquidity for 3 years on UniCrypt. It took UniCrypt a few weeks to develop a migration contract. It is now complete and we have migrated our CORD-BNB-LP to V2 also. For more details see more recent Medium articles like this one:

How does this affect VACC holders? It adds another powerful usecase! Already we have the global VACC hodler’s multiplier which produces extra rewards in all pools (including partner pools) just for holding VACC in one’s personal wallet — no spending required. This usecase puts VACC in very high demand, because only 37 people on Earth could ever achieve the max VACC hodler’s bonus awarded at a level of 50k VACC. But now is an even more direct usecase, because we will have direct VACC -> Partner token vaults. You will need to stake VACC in order to earn partner rewards, it will never be the CORD vault. This means if you have already acquired 50k VACC, you may want to collect even more! because you want some VACC to stake also to earn partner rewards.

The upcoming vaults will be as follows

  • CORD -> VACC

There is quite a bit of new contract deployment to manage this time, so the new vaults will go live in a few days.

Contract for CORD on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Contract for VACC on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

To buy or trade CORD-BNB on PancakeSwap V2, enter the BSC contract address of CORD in one of the PancakeSwap V2 exchange token fields, and select BNB in the other field.

To buy or trade CORD-Sushi on SushiSwap, enter the BSC contract address of CORD in one of the SushiSwap exchange token fields, and select Sushi in the other field.

To buy or trade CORD-VACC on PancakeSwap V2 or SushiSwap, enter the BSC contract addresses of CORD and VACC in the PancakeSwap V2 or SushiSwap exchange token fields.

So get your excess VACC ready to stake in our new partner vaults fellow CORDians, plus hodl that VACC for your multipliers!

- The CORD.Finance Team

CORD.Finance is a decentralized finance project that uses a unique combination of smart contract technology plus real world networking to provide income streams